Look and listen

There are few things as educating and inspiring as enjoying high-level barbershop groups. Here are some educational links of performances by a few of our best groups:

Pearls of the Sound in Las Vegas 2016

SALT – 2007 Queens of Harmony Over the rainbow

SALT at region 32 Show of Champions, May 2009

NLR regional champions (2011) ReMix Quartet Semifinals 2011

NLR regional champions (2010) Vocality Quartet Semifinals 2012

Alba Show Chorus – 2011 Harmony Classics Div A champions

Stockholm City Voices – 2010 7th place international chorus

Rönninge Show Chorus – 2011 2nd place international chorus

For more videos, just follow links to other groups, or visit Sweet Adelines International’s Youtube channel


The barbershop cone

barbershopcone 195

Barbershop harmonies have a different balance than the cylindrical SATB, in that our top voices sing with less weight and intensity than our lower voices. This is called the barbershop cone. This way of balancing the chords is necessary to produce the rich, ringing barbershop sound.

The image illustrates the balance in volume that is strived for in barbershop singing.