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Find a Chorus

Currently, there are nineteen choruses of which one is prospective, and one is revitalization, the others are charted, they have been approved by the organization. Prospective means that the chorus has not completed all of the steps that must be done before the chorus is a full member of Sweet Adelines International. Revilalization means that a chorus can apply to go back from its charted status due to various reasons, including that it is without a director, has too few members, or that the economy is weak. There will be a time for the chorus to develop a plan on how it will become an adequate chorus again.

Here you will find our lovely and amazing choirs in Nordic Light Region, # 32.



The barbershop cone

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Barbershop harmonies have a different balance than the cylindrical SATB, in that our top voices sing with less weight and intensity than our lower voices. This is called the barbershop cone. This way of balancing the chords is necessary to produce the rich, ringing barbershop sound.

The image illustrates the balance in volume that is strived for in barbershop singing.