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Arranger David Wright David's own website. One of the best arrangers.
BABS radiostation If you want to listen to some barbershop.
Barbershop Harmony Society BHS Gentlemen's version of ladies' Sweet Adelines International.
Barbershop linkguide Ultimate barbershop link page.
Copyright Information about copyright in Sweden.
Dansk barbershop Danish barbershop association
Doug Harrington One of our coaches.
FABS Finnish Association of Barbershop Singers
Internationella musikfestivaler International music festivals both for choruses and other musicians.
Kulturnät Sverige What's happening in the culture field in Sweden.
More about barbershop notes Written by Karin Julenius, a barbershop singer in Lund.
PROBE Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors - of barbershop.
SNOBS The Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers - our male collegues in the Nordic countries.
Sweet Adelines International Our parent organization, Sweet Adelines International.
Yahoo's  meetingplace for barbershop singers A Discussion List For Those Interested in Barbershop Harmony.
Young Singers Foundation The Young Singers Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of young people by supporting the educational and performance opportunities in vocal music.



The barbershop cone

barbershopcone 195

Barbershop harmonies have a different balance than the cylindrical SATB, in that our top voices sing with less weight and intensity than our lower voices. This is called the barbershop cone. This way of balancing the chords is necessary to produce the rich, ringing barbershop sound.

The image illustrates the balance in volume that is strived for in barbershop singing.