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New Competition Possibilities
Regional Competition 2014 – International Competition 2015

During 2014-2015 there will be an exciting paradigm shift in Sweet Adelines International. The competition rules haven’t been changed in ages, and focus have always been on evaluating barbershop material, with possibilities to get a few bonus points for how well you put together a show package at international finals and in Harmony Classic competition.

Since member choruses and quartets often have a mixed repertoire and a wish to develop their abilities to entertain audiences, SAI now offers opportunities to get competition feedback on more than pure barbershop. The judges will also give a level evaluation on other parts of what audiences experience: musicality in other genres, emcee technique, entertainment concept, microphone technique, are a few things that we now can get feedback on, in a new competition division.

This is a great opportunity for our organization to develop further. We will also be able to get a higher level of audience value and simultaneously develop the art form of barbershop harmony.

From the Regional Competition in 2014 there will be three competition divisions for both quartet and chorus competition:
• International Division
• Evaluation Only
• Open Division

The news for 2014 is “The Open Division”

Many quartets and choruses love to perform but don’t always appreciate the competition aspect. These changes are designed to give all competitors more opportunities to be successful, but also to offer opportunities for developing other creative aspects in our public performances.

“The Judge Specialists, Education, Direction Committee and International Board of Directors are aware that many quartets and choruses entertain in their communities with wonderful performances and shows. They have reached a level of confidence that is not always evident in the competition venues. The goal is to encourage these performers to bring their performance confidence to the competition stage and to elevate their barbershop skills at the same time.”

from PitchPipe article October 2012. You will find the whole article here.

The International Division
• Like before, you compete with two barbershop songs, maximum 7 minutes.
• Rules for evaluating are the same as before.
• Results in points (max 100 per judge, per song) and in placement. Medals.
• Possibility to qualify for international competition.

Evaluation Only
• Two barbershop songs, maximum 7 minutes.
• Judging rules are the same.
• Results are only given to each group with comments and level placement (C, B, A etc).

The Open Division
Quartets and choruses who wish to compete for evaluation only, now have the possibility to choose to perform a show package with at least one competition song (barbershop) with other songs and material, total max 10 min.
• One barbershop song and at least one other song in a show in max 10 min.
• Possibility to win the audience choice award for ”most entertaining group”.
• No points or placement.
• Evaluation is only given to each group with comments and levels (C, B, A, etc) where the same rules apply for evaluating the barbershop song, but where the show package is evaluated with the following criteria:
- Unity
- Theme/Script/Emcee
- Creativity
- Communication

International Finals as off 2015Starting with the international competitions 2015 the rules for the finals package will be changed for both quartets and choruses. It used to be two mandatory barbershop songs accompanied by various show material of totally 12 to 15 minutes. As off 2915 the following apply:
• One barbershop song and at least one other song in a show in max 10 min.
• The barbershop song can give max 100points per judge, according to present judging criteria for each category.
• The whole package can give up to 100 points per judge (no bonus points) and is evaluated with the following criteria:
- Unity  
- Theme/Script/Emcee
- Creativity
- Communication

For more information on scoring criteria, competition handbook and the Open Division