Food and Drink

Please note that it is not allowed to bring your own food and drink to KCCC (Karlstad Congress and Culture Center) - everything can be bought inside the arena. We recommend that you pre-order with KCCC. Please note that KCCC is located slightly outside the city center, so you may not have time to go out and eat elsewhere.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to bring any nuts or kiwis as snacks due to allergies among our members.

To pre-order food, drinks etc, please use this link  The link is only open between April 5th - April 25th.
A service fee of 35 SEK is added to each order. Food tickets are sent as SMS to your mobile phone. For the selection of food available, please see the menu below. 

You can also pre-order wine/beer tickets.

 Food is served during the following hours:

Friday lunch 11-13

Friday dinner 18-20

Saturday lunch 11-13

Saturday dinner 17-19

Meny_KCCC_2017.pdf Menu for pre-ordering at KCCC

MINI_AFTERGLOW2017.pdf Pre-ordering form for Friday Mini Afterglow at Scandic Winn (Convention Hotel)