There are different kinds of membership in Nordic Light Region, what they all have in common are offering education and development for the singers. When you have became a member you’ll be one of totally 25 000 members over the world, and one of about thousand members in the region.

Chorus members, Full Membership
As a chorus member you are not only a chorus member, but also a member of the Region and in the international organization, Sweet Adelines International. It gives you the opportunity to join education, concerts and competitions offered by the organization.

Youth Membership
This option is open to females 25 years or younger (minimum age may be determined by a chorus). Youth members receive full membership privileges, and are required to pay only one-half of the regular international per capita fee. Choruses are also encouraged, but not required, to provide discounted chapter dues for youth members.

For those who choose not to belong to a chorus, membership at the regional and international levels can be obtained through chapter-at-large membership, CAL. If you choose to be a CAL-member, please contact Sweet Adelines International for registration. If you sing in a quartet and want to compete it is a must to be a CAL-member if you’re not belong to a chorus.
As a Chapter-at-Large member you pay a yearly fee to both Sweet Adelines International and Nordic Light Region. From the international organization, chapter-at-large members receive a membership card, a subscription to The Pitch Pipe, mailings from international headquarters and information from the region. If you join the conventions you have to pay a register fee but you can join Music School for free.
In our region there is a special CAL-coordinator appointed (right now the Membership Coordinator). She spreads the regional information and answers questions from CAL-members. Every year there is a annual meeting (in the end of January) in Region 32 where CAL-members have one vote all together. The CAL-coordinator gives your vote so it’s important to being updated about what’s going on in the region and tell the coordinator your opinion about where she shall put your vote. Your opinion is important! Please, remember to tell the CAL-coordinator and Sweet Adelines if you desire to join a chorus, if you will quit or if you change address or e-mail.

Member-at-large members are affiliated with, and pay dues to, the international organization. You receive a membership card, a subscription to The Pitch Pipe and mailings from international headquarters. You may join the conventions but pay registration fee and get member rates for international convention registration and educational events. But you’re not allowed to compete or performing with either a chorus or quartet and you will not get any information from the region.
The Member-at-Large fee is paid to SAI.

Quartet membership
To sing in a quartet is incredibly fun and rewarding. Why not sing chorus songs in a quartet on a extra night extra, instead of singing your part alone? Or perhaps you want to be more public and be out and perform? Depending on the goal you have can you actually act in different ways.
As a registered quartet you will be able to take part in the regional competitions, held every spring. If you are not a member of a chorus, you need to be registered as a Chapter-at-Large Member, and a member of the region in order to compete. The winning quartet and possible wildcard quartet represent our region at the i
International competitions.

Honorary membership
An Honorary Membership may be presented to an active member in the region for exceptionally meritorious efforts. RMT appoints honorary members. An honorary member will be awarded a lifelong membership in Region 32.

Inger Lindstrand
Malin Palmqvist
Susanne Harrington
Anna Öhman
Naima Meyer
Annika Krook
Anna-Stina Gerdin
Susanna Berndts
Åse Hagerman
Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl
Anna Alvring
Maria Ovesson