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Nordic Light Region

Nordic Light Region is an organization for women singing barbershop in the Nordic countries. With a mind open to change, the music is being developed through education, personal development and public performances.

There are 18 choruses of which one is prospective, as well as 28 registered quartets, a total of 900 barbershop singers in Nordic Light Region.
Nordic Light Region is part of Sweet Adelines International, an independent, nonprofit music education association and one of the world's largest singing organizations for women.

Every year Nordic Light Region organizes:

  • Music School, an education weekend for all barbershop singers
  • Regional Weekend with Annual Meeting and seminars, Directors' Weekend
  • Nordic Championships, competition for quartets and choruses

 Nordic Light Region's bank account: 5276-0865

Rules and bylaws

Nordic Light Region #32 is a member of Sweet Adelines International and follow their statutes. Our own rules and bylaws  complete the international rules.

Local rules and bylaws for Nordic Light Region # 32.

Appendix 1 - about our funds.