Convention Committee

The responsibility for organizing Nordic Light Region's annual convention has been delegated by the Regional Management Team, RMT, to the Convention Committee. The committee has nine members working under Events Coordinator (EVC) in the RMT. RMT is responsible for the afterglows on Friday and Saturday, Show of Champions and Sunday classes together with the Convention Committee.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our common e-mail address convention (a)

Chair of Regional Convention (CRC)
Elisabeth Augustsson / Stockholm Starlight Chorus

crc (a)
Convenor of the Committee. Appointed by the RMT.

Competition Coordinator (CC)
Anja Johansson / Harmony Heights
cc (a)
Responsible for the coordination of most of practical things, such as the premises, lighting, sound, recording, video and photo, schedule, Quartet and Chorus breifing, etc. Appointed by SAI.

Hospitality Coordinator (HC)
2017 Alina Pavelescu / Harmony Heights
hospitality (a)
Responsible for food and beverages during the convention.

Anna-Lena Nordin / Pearls of the Sound
Responsible for the financial issues.

Official Panel Liasion (OPL)
Birgitta Eén-Sternå / Rönninge Show Chorus
opl (a)
Responsible for the judging panel.

PR Manager
Inger Stevén / Harmony Heights
pr (a)
/ coordinates all aspects of advertising and marketing, such as Nordic Bazaar, Newsletters and printed program folder. Other PR and press relations are handled by the Marketing Coordinator in the Regional Management Team.

Registration Officer
Pia Jonassson / Pearls of the Sound
registration (a)
Compiles registrations to the regional competitions, takes care of starting order and organizes nameplates etc.

Annika Christensen / Key Town Harmony and Rönninge Show Chorus

secretary (a)
Handles all mailings, correspondence,  web update

Traffic Pattern Coordinator (TPC) 
Margareta Hanérus / Pearls of the Sound
Formerly called the hostess responsible. Responsible for, among other things, dressing rooms and warmup rooms. She also makes sure that the host chorus knows what to do.