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Other positions

There are several other essential positions in our organization that we can not do without.

Chapter at Large-coordinator
Anette Johnsson / Rönninge Show Chorus (MEC)
mec (a)
Responsible for the coordination of all information regarding, and being the spokesperson for, our active CAL members.
If you have any questions about this membership type, read more under membership or contact Membership Coordinator.

Annika Christensesn / Key Town Harmony & Rönninge Show Chorus
dc (a)
activities related to DCP (Director Certification Program). Reports to ED

Quartet coordinator
Annika Christensesn / Key Town Harmony & Rönninge Show Chorus
dc (a)
Quartet coordinator is Regional Management Team's representative for quartets and works with the Education Coordinator.

Quartets can always turn to her if there is something they are wondering about.

Ms Copyright
Anna Särnefält / Pearls of the Sound
MrsCopyrightnordiclightregion (a)
Keeps track of our musical rights and obligations.

Panel Secretary
The judges' secretaries during conventions (appointed every year before each convention). 

Assistant to the Panel Secretary (appointed every year before each convention).

Therese Tesla Neidenmark / Rönninge Show Chorus
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Coordinates the activities of the Young Women In Harmony. Reports to ED.
There is also a group, only for members at Facebook: