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Vacant positions

NLR is a wonderful region! Regional work is fun, stimulating, inspiring and important. Do you want be a part and influence what we do? Do you want to give back to your region? Are you curious about helping out a little bit, or to take a bigger role? Don't hesitate to contact us with your interest or questions! Contact the RMT or the nominating committee.

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We need a team coordinator 2018-2020 - Facilitates the meetings of the Regional Management Team. Coordinates the agenda for Regional Management Team meetings with input from other team members. Reviews regional standing rules and job descriptions. Maintains the region’s long-range plan document.
For more information please contact RMT at rmt.nlr (a)

We are looking for a communications coordinator 2018-2020 - Maintains communication with the international organization. Is responsible for recording and preparing minutes of all meetings of the RMT and distribution to the region.
For more information please contact Yvonne Brinck at coc (a)

Are You our next membership coordinator 2018-2020? - Represents the interests of chapter management and membership on the RMT. Communicates president/team leader and chapter needs and issues to the RMT.
For more information please contact Anette Johnsson at mec (a)

Member of webteam
Do you want to work with our incredible webteam? We need more people to update our new website! Website is updated with Joomla! Training and support from the team is availabe. You can also join our team as a Swedish-English or English-Swedish translator. All help is welcome! Please contact our Communications coordinator or Marketing coordinator!