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Welcome to compete in Nordic Mix in Helsingborg 2024!

This page will be filled with more information for contestants on an ongoing basis.

New information 26 February: The 2nd place NLR chorus will be invited to perform as mic coolers in the SNOBS quartet final on Saturday

New and updated information 18 March: Practical information about the arena. Changed start time for NLR chorus competition

New information 20 March: Information on Olle Nyman Memorial Show

New information 24 April: Information about rooms for competitors and cloak rooms at the arena, as well as information about the price ceremonies

New information 30 April: Information about opening of the arena added

NordicMix 2024 is a joint convention for NLR and SNOBS competitions. The NLR competition is open for NLR quartets and choruses. The registration for competition will open on 26 January 2024 and the deadline is 11 March (late entry deadline is 26 March).

NLR and SNOBS have decided that women’s quartets/choruses are only allowed to compete in one of the convention competitions, either NLR or SNOBS. Individual singers are allowed to compete in both organization's competitions, as long as they compete with different groups. You can read more about the background for this decision here. 
Please note that all participants in the SNOBS competition need to pay a convention fee to SNOBS. Please visit the SNOBS webpage for more information.

Convention schedule

The NLR quartet competition will start at 12.00 on Friday 10 May. There will be a quartet briefing in the morning.
The NLR chorus competition will start at 11.30 on Saturday 11 May. There will be a chorus briefing in the morning.
There will be no classes on the Sunday. The full convention schedule is found on the start page for Nordic Mix 2024

Judging panel

SOUND Betty Clipman
MUSIC Jana Gutenson (Panel Chair)

Panel secretary: Heather Reimnitz

Headquarter hotel

The judges and convention staff resides at Elite Hotel Marina Plaza.

Olle Nyman memorial show Friday evening

Please visit the SNOBS site for more information

Show of champions Saturday evening

Because this is a joint convention, there are many competitions and many winners. Therefore, only the winner of each competition will be given the opportunity to perform in the Show of Champions on Saturday. However the 2nd place NLR quartet will be invited to perform in the Olle Nyman Memorial Show on Friday and the 2nd place NLR chorus will be invited to perform as mic coolers in the SNOBS quartet final on Saturday.

Practical information about the arena

  • Entrance: Contestants should enter the arena via the main entrance. The arena is open from 8.30
  • Information desk: The information desk is located in the lobby at Helsingborg Arena. Badges should if possible be picked up by one person for the entire chorus/quartet at the same time. For opening hours, please go to start page
  • Personal items: As there is limited space to keep your items during the performance we ask that you bring as few things as possible to the arena. Your belongings will be taken care of by contest assistants during your stage time. It is however important to note that the convention committee cannot be held responsible for your valuables, so the fewer you bring to the arena, the better.
  • Banned items: Due to severe allergies, the following items are completely banned at the Arena: nuts, kiwis, citrus fruits, perfumes, nail-polish and hairspray. There will be no areas where nail-polish or hairspray is allowed.
  • Detailed information about rooms for competitors and cloak rooms at the arena Rehearsal rooms for choruses can be accessed from 8.30.

Price ceremonies

The awards will be presented in the main hall directly after each competition. Medals will be give to quartets and choruses placed 1st to 5th. In addition, the following choruses will be given medals:

  • 1st place chorus in Division A (15-30 members on stage)
  • 1st place chorus in Divission AA (31-60 members on stage
  • Most improved chorus compared to last year's regional competition (this is new for 2024)

The champions will be invited to participate in international conventions as listed below

  • Quartet champion: 28 October - 2 November 2024 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
  • Chorus champion: 20-25 October 2025 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

The following travelling trophys will be presented directly after the chorus competitions on Saturday:

  • Most improved quartet - A price instituted by Snowflake Singers for the quartet who has improved most compared to last year's regional competition