Rehearse Online with Jamulus

Yes, you CAN rehearse online!

Many people in choirs, bands and orchestras are looking for alternatives to rehearsing together in the same room.

In this video, I tell you that it actually goes with the gear Jamulus, and goes through what you need to know before you
start the work of getting the whole group on board// Laura Mardones proud member in Rönninge Show Chorus.



Great resources!                                                                    Downloads

MusicBridge:                                                  *


Facebook groups

* Jamulus (official)

* Jamulus Sweden

* Jamulus WorldJam

* Jamulus Choral Community

* Digital Chord Ringers

* Jamulusbubblan


Tips for useful equipment

* Gamer-headsets / USB - leta efter 7.1 surround sound, 48 kHz sample rate, t.ex. SADES SA-902, SA-903

* Microphone - Blue Yeti / Blue Yeti Nano, Zoom H1 / H1n / H6, Rode NT-USB

* Audio interface - Scarlett Focusrite,  Behringer Xm8500 / UMC22