Certification programs

Sweet Adelines International not only provides an outlet for lifelong friendships, harmony and music education but also encourages women to take on leadership roles that transcend into their communities and professional and personal lives. It is no surprise Sweet Adelines members are successful both in their choruses as well as professionally. The organization offers several certification programs that members may take part in as they pursue program offerings that enrich their lives, as well as Sweet Adelines International. See below for the different certification programs offered.

Arranger Certification program (ACP)
There are different levels of the ACP program. The beginner level consists of self-study with testing based on the current SA Arranger’s Guide and supplemental materials to be provided by the program. The format of the ACP Beginner Level program closely mirrors the format of the Director Certification Program (DCP) with testing conducted in-Region.

Register with Sweet Adelines HQ, pay a registration fee, conduct self-study on nine study modules and begin taking exams at their own pace.
Participants who successfully complete the Beginner level will receive a Certificate of Completion. Contact education coordinator (see below) to start up your arranging studies.

Director Certification progam (DCP)  
Director Certification Program is an education that leads to a certification of the director who has completed the course. DCP is a good resource for anyone who wants to learn more about barbershop and leadership. Very appropriate training for quartet singers and music teams / music committees.

DCP is made up of 11 modules. You can read more about what they contain on SAI's website. 

  1. Directing Skills
  2. Analytical Listening
  3. Organizational Knowledge and Director Resourses
  4. Teaching Skills
  5. Management Skills
  6. Judging Cathegories and Competition
  7. Vocal Production
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Music Theory
  10. Rehearsal Planning and Implementation
  11. Chorus Performance

To apply for the program please contact DCP Coordinator in our region for more details.

International Faculty program (IFP)
Click the link in the heading for more information.

International Judging program (IJP) 
Click the link in the heading for more information.

If you wan't to know more about these programs and many more educational opportunities please contact Nordic Light Region, Education Coordinator.