Our region has a number of arrangers who can be contacted if you wish to sing something special. Contact any of the Regional Management Team if you are interested to be on this list as an arranger.


Kerstin Artman


Torbjörn Backlund


Ann-Louise Blixt

Helsingborg (Pearls of the Sound Chorus)

Mo Field

Canada/Stockholm (former director of Stockholm City Voices) 

Åse Hagerman

Stockholm (Alba Show Chorus)

Eva Hjelm

Uppsala (Sunlight Chorus)

NOTE! Existing arrangements are available without cost to the quartets, registered as non-registered, in order to promote the quartet singing. Email me for a list!

Anja Johansson

Uppsala (Harmony Heights Chorus)

Ulrica Knutsson

Iggesund (4U)

Susanna Lejonhufvud

Gävle (Coffee Bean Show Chorus)

Katarina Ljung

Stockholm (VOX)

Anna Alvring (fd. Nyberg)

Stockholm (Rönninge Show Chorus)

Anna-Maria Nyström

Falun (Coppertown Harmony Chorus)

Staffan Paulson

Åkarp (Vocal Six)

Charlotte "Lotte" Pettersson

Stockholm (Stockholm Starlight Chorus)

Rasmus Krigström

Pearls of the Sound, Zero 8, Northern Light Mixed Chorus and Ringmasters

Åsa Zetterberg

Stockholm (Farsta Harmony Bell Chorus)