Our History


1975 Inger Lindstrand and Maria Ovesson make their first efforts to establish a female barbershop organization i Sweden. Within the next two years the very first Swedish chorus, Telge Chorus, is formed in Södertälje.

1977 Telge Chorus is chartered and becomes part of Region #15, New York.

1980 Sweden and Great Britain join forces and together they form Region #27.

1983 Sweet Adelines decides that non-American members are no longer to be regions, but areas. This means, among other things, that Swedish choruses and quartets cannot compete at Internationals.

1988 Thanks to indefatigable efforts from Maria Ovesson and others, Swedish choruses and quartets are once more allowed to compete at Internationals.

1989 The first Finnish chorus, Porvoo Chorus, from Porvoo, Finland, is chartered and makes the area Nordic! The young Swedish quartet Growing Girls goes to Internationals in Miami and becomes Queens of Harmony! Growing Girls is the first non-American quartet to win at Internationals.

1994 Sweet Adelines has decided that the growing non-American areas are once more to become regions.

1997 After three years of preparations Sweden and Finland are ready to form their own region, Nordic Light Region #32. The name was thought up by Marianne Hammarlid and the logotype was designed by Karin Grönberg. It symbolizes the world, the seven seas, the location of our region and also the spirit, the will and the energy of our region.

2003 The region gets its first norwegian members, the quartet Ladies in Red.

2007 After five years of prospective status Denmark joins the region properly with the chorus charter of Copenhagen Hot Notes.

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