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May 8 2021 - 12:30am to 5:00pm
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SNOBS and Nordic Light Region 32 Will webcast this LIVE event with male, female and mixed quartets performing from the stage at Adolf Fredrik in Stockholm Sweden.
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Dear barbershop lovers!

Nordic Light Region and SNOBS proudly present the joint event Nordic Mix Quartets on Stage to be
broadcasted on YouTube, Saturday May 8, 12:30–17:30 European time. The event is for free, but
contributions are welcome to support the expenses.

You are invited to enjoy the performances of 16 fabulous Nordic quartets in three categories: all
male quartets (SNOBS), all female quartets (SAI or SNOBS) and mixed quartets (SNOBS). The quartets
will be performing songs arranged in the barbershop style.
Not only that!

Each performance is enjoyed by a panel of experts present in the auditorium. The panel consists of
three Nordic expert barbershop coaches known to us all. Every performance is given instant
feedback by the panel, and you will be able to take part of it! This is a great opportunity to learn
more about the barbershop style.
Not only that!

The viewers may cast a vote on their favorite male, female and mixed quartet, that is, regardless of
affiliation to SAI or SNOBS, using a link that will be provided when the broadcast starts. Three
winners will thus be announced. All other quartets will share second place. The number of votes for
each quartet will not be presented. The idea behind audience awards is to make the event
enjoyable, and everyone must understand that the votes will be based on the voter’s preferences.
Quartets on Stage is first and foremost a celebration of our awesome Nordic Quartets.
We are sure that you will not want to miss out! Please, stay updated by Facebook to learn about the
participants and to get the link: Nordic Light Region, SNOBS or Nordic Mix.

Warmly welcome everyone!
Lisa Rolf and the Nordic Mix Council
Heléne Ericsson and the Nordic Mix Project Group

The event is carried out with full adherence to all regulations and recommendations regarding Covid-19, and
precautions are taken onsite to minimize the possible spread of contamination. No audience, except for the
expert panel, is permitted into the auditorium.