Regional Faculty



All over our region there are knowledgeable and inspirational women, who help with education in our region. Regional Faculty are the appointed regional teachers, coaches, and mentors skilled in the musical, vocal, visual and administrative aspects of our craft. They assist our region’s choruses, quartets, and individual singers in becoming better performers and leaders.

Sweet Adelines International appoints International Faculty. They teach at international educational events and can often be booked for coaching. For directory, please go to Sweet Adelines International website. We are honored to have two of our members being certified International Faculty; Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl and Mari Pettersson. Britt-Heléne is also Master Faculty in Sweet Adelines International.

International / Regional Faculty

Teaching and coaching is done in areas like Barbershop knowledge, Vocal Skills, Performance skills, Administration and Leadership. Each area contains several different areas of specialties. Each faculty member has her own specialties. This page offers only an overview of areas of expertise. For details on specific areas of teaching or coaching, please contact the individual faculty members directly.

Do you have any question about these coaches or need their contact info please write to Education Coordinator ed(a)

Faculty 2023 

Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl

Regional, International and Master Faculty
Rönninge Show Chorus


Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl joined Sweet Adelines in 1977 as a member of Telge Harmony Chorus,
the first Swedish chapter of Sweet Adelines International. In 1983, she founded Rönninge Show
Chorus, directing the chorus to achieve international champion titles in 2014, 2017 and 2020.
Britt-Heléne retired as Rönninge Show Chorus Director after the chorus attained the 2020
international champion title in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She has an occupational
background teaching children with learning difficulties and behavior problems. She is a Certified
NLP-Practitioner and Certified Mental Trainer, with specialty in voice and language as a speech
therapist. She is a Master Faculty Member, coach and vocal teacher specializing in teaching
voice, mindset, directing leadership and communication.

Vocal production
Competition categories – analytic listening
Strategies for quartets
Coaching – choruses and quartets
Communication and leadership Mental training

Course list

Building your vocal skills, Develop your vocal skills in five steps.

Breathology, BREATH better, SING better, FEEL better!

STRAWPHONATION, Recover and build vocal-stamina with straw phonation.

Speech Theraphy, Develop your speaking voice to strengthening your singing voice.

Vocal and visual freedom, Simple tools to develop more freedom both vocally and visually.

Visual & kinestethic tools for vocal freedom, A picture or a move says more than a thousand words.

Vocal Triage, Toolbox for avoiding vocal damage.

Mental training for singers, Build you singing confidence with mental training.

How to Create and Anchor a Goal, Learn how to set realistic goals and anchor them mentally.

How to lose a contest in all four categories, Playful class with a demo quartet, showing the traps in each of the  categories.

Three dimensional resonance concept, Learn to use ALL the resonant places available.

Love what you don ́t know YET!, Discover how latest brain research can open up more possibilities for better learning, thinking AND singing.

Motivation 3.0 , Discover the latest motivational theories.

Get Your Voice in Tune, Recovery and building after covid or other trauma.


Mari Pettersson

Regional and International Faculty
Harmony Heights Chorus


Organization Skills (Local/Regional/International level)
Analytical Listening
Communication Skills
Directing Skills
Developing Music Teams (Leadership, PVI techniques, Rehearsal planning, Warm ups, Section Synch and Blend, and much more)
Vocal Production
Teaching skills (build a class, presenting skills, PowerPoint techniques)
Developing teams
What is barbershop style

Annika Dellås

International Board of Directors & Worldwide Expansion Committee Lead
Regional Faculty
Rönninge Show Chorus, Advisory team
Sr Management Consultant & Processleader,

My coaching themes;
  • Leadership & Communication in nonprofit environment
  • How to build an effective team and chorus organization
  • How to set vision and goals for the future
  • How to build a learning culture with feedback as one important tool
  • Facilitate chorus and team discussions

Camilla Ljung

Regional Faculty
Rönninge Show Chorus

Visual skills

Åsa Fagerström

Regional Faculty
Alba Show Chorus

Coaching choruse, quartets and individuals in singing and in barbershop
Certified coach and therapist, which gives a solid foundation and understanding of dialogue and group psychology.
Musical and visual coaching of choruses, quartets and individuals
Chorus culture and motivation
Change and conflict management
Build and develop music team, section leaders and directors. For example in directing, coaching, pvi, voice warm ups and sector training etc.