Thinking about joining a chorus? Whether you're an experienced singer or just like to sing in the shower, if you love to sing, we'd love to meet you! You'll find not only great music and amazing harmonies, but also incredible women, genuine friendships and lots of fun! Below you find your city on the map and also which chorus that is rehearsing where. More presentation of the choruses is just a click on their photo! 

For more information on membership, please contact us or any of the choruses listed below.



Information to choruses, do you want to update your chorus picture, remove a chorus or add a Nordic Light Region chorus on this website? Contact [email protected].


Alba Show Chorus  - Stockholm Baltic Harmony Chorus - Nyköping 
Coffe Bean Show Chorus - Gävle Copper Town Harmony - Falun 
Farsta Harmony Bell - Farsta  Gothia Show Chorus - Göteborg
GoKeyWest - Götegorg/Eskilstuna/Västerås  Harmony Heights - Uppsala
Key Town Eskilstuna - Eskilstuna Lady Shave - Porvoo Chorus
Malmö Limelight Chorus - Malmö    Pearls of the Sound - Helsingborg
Rönninge Show Chorus - Rönninge    Sea Side Singers - Åland     
Snowflakes Singers - Umeå Stockholm City Voices - Stockholm 
Stockholm Starlight - Huddinge     Sunlight Chorus - Stockholm
Västerås Show Chorus - Västerås  WondAros - Denmark 
  Telge Harmony Chorus - Södertälje is not active but is the history of this organisation