Non Competing members

NLR members who are not participating in a competition but wants to join the convention should register by 25 April, as decribed below

  • Non-competing CAL members should register by sending an email with information about name, voice part and SA ID number to [email protected].
    CAL members need to pay a convention fee of 450 SEK (provided that annual member fees to SA and NLR are paid)
  • Non-competing chorus members should be registered as described in the information for choruses, under the heading "2. Competition registration to NLR"
  • Member of prospective chorus should be registered in the same way as non-competing chorus members. However they need to pay a convention fee of 900 SEK.

Questions about registration should be directed to Margareta Busk at [email protected]

Fees should be paid to Bankgiro Account 5276-0865 or Swish to 1235114640. Questions regarding payments should be directed to Finance Coordinator Catti Persson [email protected]